Do what you love,
love what you do

Behavior Therapy for kids with autism:
A career that helps you win at life!

We Believe

We believe in making a difference, one child at a time.

Feel Cared For

98% of our team reports that they feel cared for and love working for Discover Hope!

flexible hours & part-time schedules available

Be Inspired to Grow

Receive extensive training and support to become the best version of yourself.

lots of training & support

make a difference

Make an incredible impact in the lives of children and their families.

fun, award-winning culture

internship & practicum opportunties available



“Discover Hope is AMAZING!!! There’s nothing better than a group of incredibly awesome people who join forces to better the lives of children and their families. You can hardly call it “work” when your day is spent laughing at the goofy things our kiddos and team members do!!!”


“I love not being afraid to make a mistake and know that I will get the support I need to grow and be better in an encouraging, non-judgmental way. I love how whether I am struggling with something at work or personally, my co-workers genuinely care and take the time to be there.”


“I love how much everyone cares for each other, how we all step up and help each other out. I love the support I receive from co-workers to managers to the big boss lady! I always feel encouraged and supported, and I know everyone has my best interest at heart. It’s been a blast!”


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of Discover Hope Alumni Say

that having Discover Hope on their resume helped them achieve their future goals.

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that the training and support received at Discover Hope gave them knowledge and skills that benefit their current career.
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that they are better people for having worked at Discover Hope!

Our Clients
We’ve helped 347 clients so far
Client Satisfaction
Our most recent anonymous client survey rated us 9.6 out of 10 for client satisfaction.

Awards & Certifications

The Army has the Army Rangers.

The Navy has the Navy Seals.

The Avengers have Captain America.

The Behavior Assistant position is not a job for the weak!

We are looking for passionate, energetic people with grit that truly want to make the world a better place. This is a fun and challenging entry level position perfect for those preparing for a career in education, mental health, or the medical field.

Once you become a Behavior Assistant with us, you will go through a thorough 40 hour training to be fully equipped and confident when you start working with our clients. Then, you will typically be assigned 2-4 clients, and will visit each kiddo at their home 2-3 times a week for a couple hours. Your supervisors will create an individualized curriculum for each child that teaches them communication skills, play skills, safety skills, self help skills, and appropriate behaviors. Your job is to come in and teach that curriculum through play, games, and fun! You will take data during each session so that you can easily see your clients’ progress. You will be in constant communication with your supervisors and other members of the team via email and text, and will get regular visits during sessions from you supervisors. The whole Discover Hope team gets together regularly for team building, training, and shenanigans.

If you like being average and normal, then work for another ABA company. But if you want to join the most elite team in the world of behavior therapy, apply now!