Top Ten FAQ about Discover Hope and ABA Services

Q: What does ABA mean?

A: ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA is the study of behavior and how to change behaviors so they become socially significant. ABA can be used to teach any important behaviors including nutrition, fitness, academics, and much more. The strategies used are researched-based, developmentally appropriate, and feature positive reinforcement.

Q: How does having an ABA therapist work?

A: First, our caring team at Discover Hope thoroughly assesses your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Then the team will create achievable goals for your child based on the highest priority of needs. From there, one of our amazing therapists will come to your home between 5-25 hours a week for approximately 1.5-2.5 hours at a time depending on the child’s needs and goals. As our therapist discovers what is working for your child, you will be trained in how to encourage the socially significant behaviors.

Q: That’s a lot of time to have a stranger in my home. Isn’t it awkward?

A: It might take a little getting used to, but our families tell us that the ABA therapist doesn’t remain a stranger for long! Over time your child will learn to welcome the cheerful face who can knowledgeably help them build their social skills. And you will welcome them, too, as you begin to learn what actually works for your child.

Q: How can Discover Hope help me, the parent?

A: Once the Discover Hope team finds what works for your child, we will take time to show you the effective strategies. This personalized approach is what our parents love. At first, the parents that come to us are at their wit’s end having no idea how to train their child. Many of them have given up the dream of seeing their child understand and function in social situations. But our parents tell us that having an ABA therapist truly does offer hope that your child can learn and grow socially.

Q: Who is on the Discover Hope team?

A: Your family’s Discover Hope team consists of three people. First, there is the Clinical Director who is licensed or certified in ABA and provides oversight and parent training. Next is the Program Supervisor who directly oversees the behavior therapist and comes to the home weekly to observe the sessions, train the behavior therapist, and address any parent questions or concerns. The behavior therapist is the one who works directly with the child teaching him social skills.

faqQ: What skills can ABA help my child with?

A: ABA can help a child grow in both simple and complex skills depending on the child’s needs. According to Autism Speaks, ABA fosters basic skills like looking, listening, and imitating as well as more complex tasks like reading, conversing, and understanding a person’s perspective.

Q: My friend tried ABA for her son for a month, but it didn’t help. How do I know it’ll help my child?

A: ABA focuses on the long term. For most children, it takes much longer than a month to grow in leaps and bounds. The best success happens when the whole family is committed for the long term. That could mean one or two years or longer.

Q: My child has been diagnosed with autism. Can Discover Hope help him/her?

A: Yes! Absolutely! Many of our children are on the autistic spectrum. Our ABA therapist can help your child with appropriate communication, social skills, and independent living skills.

Q: Do you take insurance? Or can I pay out of pocket for your services?

A: We currently do not accept families with a private pay arrangement. We work as a subcontractor through Easter Seals Bay Area working with families with Kaiser Insurance. Not sure if that’s you? Start here to see if you are eligible for services.

Q: I have a passion for helping kids. How can I become an ABA therapist?

A: Our team is looking for new members who are ready to work hard doing something that matters. If you value integrity and excellence, please contact us.  We offer flexible work schedules.

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