Virtual Social Skills Groups

Find out more about our Virtual Social Skills Groups.
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Structure & Cost

Social Skills group classes will be held as an 8-week course sequence for a total of $400 for the entire 8-week course. There will be one virtual class per each group per week. 
Our classes are hosted via Zoom with all security features enabled. Only registered participants receive a secure and private link to join us.
Each class with be 60 minutes in total:
5 minutes: Check in & Set up
45 minutes: Instruction
10 minutes: Free Social Time
10 minutes: Parent Check-in (includes summary of instruction for the day and homework recommendations for the week)

One-Time Assessment

For each child there will be a one time $200 assessment charge in addition to the 8-week course fee. 
This assessment will include a 30-minute parent interview, completion of a standard clinical tool assessment and a report with individualized goals for their child that will be targeted during the class. 
This fee will also include a closing report at the end of the course and provide proposed or continued goals for the next 8-week session if you choose to sign up for the next sequence.

If interested in joining us,
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Our priority is forming best fit groups according to age as well as areas of strength/need. Your child’s social skills group schedule will be determined based on the group that your child is placed in. If the scheduled times for the current session do not work for you we can put you on a waitlist for your preferred time for an upcoming 8-week course.

The information obtained below will allow us to provide you with more information about our online social skills group meeting held via our video conferencing platform. Upon receipt of your information we will follow up within 3 business days to provide you with more information and next steps.