Ready to end the frustration cycle when your kids don’t listen?

Applying the 5 Steps to Get Your Kids to Listen

Step 1:
Celebrate the Good

If you are concerned with your child not listening and not following your directions, start paying attention to how often you give your child instructions and how they respond. Every single time they do listen right away and comply with what you say. Make sure you thank them and give them some praise and attention.

Step 2:
Look in the Mirror

Think about why it bothers you so much that your child isn’t listening. We want to make sure we can see past our own triggers and experiences so we can focus on teaching our children more appropriate behaviors. To be able to do that, we must identify what our triggers are so we can respond rationally instead of reacting emotionally.

Step 3:
Prioritize the Problem

Assess all your concerns with your child and see if this is the main behavior you want to focus on next. Getting your child to listen and comply with your instructions can be a really beneficial behavior to focus on. It has such a huge impact on your relationship with your child and both of your happiness and frustration levels.

Step 4:
Teach New Skills

Kids do things for a reason. What payoff are they getting by not following your instructions? There are four main payoffs kids get by engaging in problem behavior: Access, Escape, Attention and Sensory Automatic Behaviors. The goal is to teach them new skills and appropriate ways to get those needs met.

Step 5:
Make a Plan

Here’s where you put it all together and create a plan about what you’re going to do before you give your child an instruction, after if they listen to you, and also if they are not following your instruction.

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