Preparing For The FIRST First Day Of School!

Navigation Guide for All Parents

One of the biggest milestones your kids will hit is their very first day of school! How did the time fly by so quickly? How are they already this grown up? Is this all really happening? We understand how exciting and emotional this new season of life can be. We want to give you some helpful tips to ease the stress of preparation and give you the tools you need to help your child prepare for their first day of school! 

Meet & Greet

Go and visit the school before your child’s first day. Acquaint them with where their classroom is, where the bathroom is located in relation to their classroom, where they will play outside, and show them where to go if they need help from the nurse. Familiarize them with their new stomping grounds before adding other students and faculty into the mix. If possible, introduce them to their teacher and have a 5 minute “get to know you” conversation so they can learn each other’s names and introduce each other. This will give your child more security and reassurance in going to class and not feeling like they are in the hands of a stranger. If you are unable to meet the teacher before the first day, make it a point to be present for the introduction with the teacher so your child understands they are safe and in good hands on their first day of class! 

Read Books About Starting School

During the summer before your child starts school, take them on outings to the library to read books about starting school! Your child may be struggling with fears of the unknown and this is a wonderful way to show them what to expect on their first day. This is also a great opportunity for you to tell them about your experiences in school and make it fun, exciting, and positive! You can say things like, “I loved school and made so many great friends! I read funny books and learned how to count all the way to 100!” This will make the transition easier for them and help them feel extra prepared.

Make Preparation Fun!

Although shopping for school supplies, lunch boxes, new clothes, and other miscellaneous things needed for school can feel overwhelming and exhausting for both child and parent…find ways to make it exciting and fun! Prepare your list before you leave the house of all the supplies needed and how many items of each clothing your child can pick out. When you arrive at the store, make it a treasure hunt to go and find each supply! With all of the fun options you can now find at places like Walmart and Target, let them express their personality by choosing their own lunchbox with their favorite cartoon character on it.  Allow them to choose the bright colored T Shirts they like (as long as they are within dress code and age appropriate). Give them options that are affordable and age appropriate and allow them to pick out the pair of shoes that make them happy and excited to wear to school! This will involve them in the decision-making process and give them ways to relate to other kids who may be interested in the same cartoons or have the same favorite color. No matter what, make this process a lot of FUN! We guarantee that experiencing the joy of school shopping through the eyes of your child will make it a joyful experience for you as well.


How excited would your little one be if every year the first day of school was a big celebration? They could enjoy their favorite breakfast, be welcomed to breakfast by a homemade “Happy First Day” banner, maybe even throw in a few balloons, be wearing their favorite new outfit or pair of shoes, and take a picture holding a cute sign with all of their growth chart measurements and “First Day Of School!” written on it. If you start implementing this every year, you will help to encourage joy and excitement in a new year of learning and FUN! Education and making new friends should be something children look forward to celebrating. Get creative and find ways to acknowledge the milestone of going back to school this year. 

We hope these suggestions help to make this new season an exciting one! Celebrating every milestone and encouraging children to be excited about growing and learning is so imperative. Small gestures of love and support go such a long way! Allow yourself to embrace these exciting moments with your kids. Take a moment to give yourself a big pat on the back for being a caring, loving, and rockstar parent who’s gotten them this far! This is the beginning of so many more amazing years. Happy First Day of School, Mom and Dad!