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The experts at Discover Hope want to help every parent navigate the rollercoaster of modern parenting. As parents ourselves, we know how hard it is to handle complicated family situations. Whether you are struggling with encouraging a shy guy or coaxing a screaming toddler off the grocery store floor, our 5-step process can help you wrap your head around the motivations of your little ones, and make a plan to say bye-bye to bad behavior.

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Our Proven 5-Step System

Celebrate the Good

Your kids do so many things well already! Take a moment to celebrate when they are successful!

Look in the Mirror

Actions speak louder than words and our kids are always watching. Model the behavior you want to see in your child.

Prioritize the Problems

How important is the issue at hand? Tackling too many new things can be challenging so determine what you really want to work on.

Teach New Tools

Fill your toolkit up with everything your child needs to know to be successful.

Create a Plan

With our help, create a plan that will allow your child to continue to grow, adding tools and celebrating successes!

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As parents, we understand how hard it is to find time for yourself each day. Our classes are designed to be digested in small bites. You can listen while cooking dinner, or watch while you are hiding in the bathroom.

5 Steps To Getting Your Kids To Listen

“How can I get my kids to listen to me?” All parents ask this question at some point, and thankfully, we have some great solutions to help navigate frustrating moments.

5 Steps To Managing Screen Time

"How can I get my kid to spend less time looking at screens without it being a huge battle?" We’ve put together 9 smart tips and tricks to stay safe on the screen, and let you know when it’s time to go screen-free!

5 Steps To Help Your Kids Calm Down

Helping your kids calm down during a tantrum seems impossible! We’ll not only show you it’s possible, but tell you how to do it!

5 Steps To Help Your Kid Make Friends

Why is it so hard for your kids to make friends? In order to be able to play with other children, your child needs to know how to share, take turns, and how to reach compromises when they disagree with their peers. Start watching now to help your child make friends.

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