How to Make Bath Time a LOT Easier

Bath time can be hard. The kids aren’t interested, and you’re already exhausted from endlessly cajoling them to get in – and that’s before you even start thinking about washing their hair! So why not make it fun? By eliminating the fear of missing out, you can make bath time enjoyable for everyone. Think back to when you were young, and start making bath time an adventure, instead of a chore!

The number one issue kids have with taking baths is that  they are asked to stop doing something that is much more fun in their eyes. And, for the little ones, transitioning from a lively activity to a relaxing bath is stress-provoking versus stress-relieving like it is for adults. Luckily, with a few small changes, bathtime can easily become a fun activity for your kids!

You know your kids best and will likely have your own ideas to get them excited, but here are some things to get you started.

Bath Time Tips:

  • Pre-fill the bath about halfway before introducing your child to bath time. This helps prepare the scene and can easily be accomplished while your child is finishing his/her last activity.
  • Consider letting your child take control of the water dials to minimize bath resistance. Giving them a sense of control will help make them feel like they’re in charge — and can be an especially positive exercise for children who are sensitive to extreme temperatures or might be slightly afraid of water.
  • Calling the shots at bath time develops important decision-making skills that will prove useful in everyday tasks. For example, by allowing children to safely experiment with the temperature faucets during their bath time routine under your supervision, they are learning how to better gauge the water temperature when using the sink to wash their hands on their own.

Here are some other ideas to make bath time more enjoyable:

Bath Bombs: Not only are they often full of stress-relieving ingredients, but they are just plain fun to watch. Bath bombs aren’t for adults only––why not let the kids have a try? The little ones can have fun discovering the toy in the center, while watching the color of the bath turn a shade of blue, pink, purple, etc. Bath bombs are a great way to entertain your child, while diverting their attention from the dreaded shampoo! When picking out your next bath bomb, pay attention to the ingredients––sometimes they contain harmful ingredients, so it’s best to go to a store like Lush for more natural ingredients!

Try This: Engage all their senses by having them guess what’s inside (if it comes with a toy) or ask them to describe exactly what it smells like. Games encourage curiosity and kids will be learning without even realizing it––they’ll have no time to complain when they’re having fun!

Crazy Colors: Another fun activity involves Crayola Color Bath Dropz. Bath Dropz are highly pigmented color pills that come in yellow, blue, and red. Drop them in the bath water and your child can become a scientist or artist by discovering their own colors.

Try This: Try quizzing your child by asking, “What happens when you mix blue and red?” Or you can step up the game by assessing whether the pigment changes with the quantity of Dropz––who knows what will happen!

Bubbles: Sometimes you need a quick fix, and bubbles usually do the trick! Whether it’s bathtub bubbles you pour with warm water or a wand you blow or shake, bubbles are a great, inexpensive way to keep the little ones entertained.

Try This: While sitting still (as standing is hazardous), count how many bubbles they can pop one at a time. If they move, game’s over!

Toys: Just like on land, in these rapid waters of the tub, there are toys, too! You can use a rubber duckie or even a plastic cup. As long as your imagination is in the station, bathtime can be filled with endless possibilities. In your local department store, there is a section of bathtime toys. Some of our favorites include foam letters that stick to the wall and wind-up figures that swim around the tub!

Try This: What do you have around the house or even just in the bathroom that you can make into a toy? Make a treasure hunt out of it and see who can find the best idea. (Anything wins as long as it’s safe and waterproof!) Here’s a hint: could a bar of soap be a race car? Let’s find out!

Switching your perspective on bath time from being a mundane chore to an enjoyable part of your day allows your child to realize that bath time isn’t so scary after all! It’s important to make bath time fun so that it continues to be a positive experience for everyone. That way, when it comes to washing their hair, they’re more likely to accept the process and be involved in it, too!