How to Keep Trick-or-Treating Simple and Fun


Simple Ways To Make It Super Fun!

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The fall season is the beginning of so many fun holidays with your kids! We all want to be the super parent who is on their A-game when it comes to making each holiday an enjoyable, interactive, and memorable experience from year to year. Halloween is just around the corner and we have a few simple tips to make trick-or-treating an organized, fun, easy on the budget, and amazing night with your family!

Plan Your Route

We highly recommend planning your route around the neighborhood the week before you go! You can make this a fun activity with your little ones by having them help you pick out houses of neighbors they know or houses they want to try. This will remind them that they cannot deter from the route unless it is suggested by mom or dad.

Make Costumes Fun (by not breaking the bank!)

Shopping for costumes can be pricey and overwhelming. There are so many options and these costume shops sure know how to upcharge in the busy season. Thankfully there are SO many ways to keep it simple and not spend a ton of money! For starters, Amazon has a lot of great costume options that stay the same price year round for less than $20. Here are some of our favorites (click the links to purchase):

For the more artistic parents, here are some fun DIY costume ideas for your little one:

We hope some of these inspire you to get creative and have a ton of fun making costumes with your kids that they will love!

Do A “Safety Check”

Before you go trick-or-treating for the evening, do a routine safety check! Use this time to check that all masks are see-through enough so your child can see clearly, all shoes are tied tightly, and all costumes fit correctly. You can make this fun and get your kids excited for the festivities ahead! A fun way to start this process is by announcing in a fun voice, “All aboard passengers! Before we head off on our route, we must do a safety check to ensure the maximum amount of fun is experienced!” Also use this as an opportunity to go over the rules for the evening such as no walking in the street, only go to houses that have friendly decor for the holiday or a porch light on, and always bring candy to the adult once you receive it from each house and do not eat it until mom and dad give permission. These can be made to sound like a check-off instead of a reprimand which will in turn make your kids a lot more responsive. These are important things for them to follow so be sure to repeat a few times (even a few days in advance) so it is ingrained and properly executed!

BYO Candy

In order to avoid meltdowns or disappointments from not being able to immediately enjoy the candy they receive…bring your own! Set a stash in your purse or backpack that you can hand to them to enjoy once they bring the new candy back to the trick-or-treat bag. This is to ensure you are able to do a candy check before they consume any of it (and maybe to enjoy some for yourself to limit their candy consumption!). Click here for some cute trick-or-treat bags that won’t break the bank!

Bring A Flashlight 

We advise to bring a flashlight or glow stick so your kids can always see in front of them while walking and to use as a point of reference to find you when they come back from getting candy from each house if there are multiple families out front waiting for their kids. Even if you don’t use it the entire night, there may be a street that is a little darker or utilized if your child is afraid of the dark. Here is a pocket flashlight and glow sticks you can purchase on Amazon if online shopping is your style!

We hope these tips have been useful and inspire you to make this Halloween more fun and exciting for both you and your kids. Go all out with them and dress up in fun costumes, too! The more you’re into it and engaged, the more they will be too!

Happy Trick-or-Treating from us to you!