How To Help Your Kids Adjust To School After The Holidays

The holidays are coming to a close and the new year is almost here. This means back to school for the kiddos and a little more relaxation for mom and dad! Although many parents look forward to back to school time, it doesn’t mean the transition back to the normal routine will be easy for the kids. Here are some helpful ways to combat the tears and frustration and make going back to school in the new year an overall peaceful and joy-filled transition!

Maintain Structure MOST Days

We understand that Christmas and New Years will look different than the average day (and they should!), but on the days that aren’t filled with holiday celebrations make it a priority to keep your kids on a routine! Wake up by 8am, brush teeth, wash face, eat breakfast, play outside, etc. Whatever they would normally do during the week, keep them on a routine that brings structure to their day even though it’s not at school.

Don’t Stop Educating

Just because your kids aren’t learning in school doesn’t mean they can’t be learning at home! You can count the amount of eggs needed while baking or the amount of leaves in the pile outside that they are helping you rake up! They can even read the instructions out loud to a fun craft project that they got for Christmas that you can build together. Whatever they may be doing, continue to find ways to make it educational and fun!

Celebrate Going Back To School

It’s a new year and another reason to celebrate finishing up the last half of the school year! Make that first morning back special with a fun breakfast, maybe a dance party in the car, or a balloon with a sign that you handmade just for them in their favorite color! School should be seen as an amazing place that they get to learn, hang out with their friends, and have tons of fun!

Although the back to school blues can hit hard, the most important thing you can do as a parent is determine the positivity directly by how to approach these changes with your kids. You are their biggest role model and influence! You were made to be their rockstar parent. Own it!

Happy New Year and Happy Back To School!