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Your child and family have unique needs. We'll create a custom plan that works for you!

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We'll help you easily manage any challenging behavior your child has!

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With our individualized strategies, you can put a stop to the cycle of challenging behaviors.

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Spend less time feeling frustrated and more time enjoying your family.


“Our younger son has been flourishing, we are so thrilled. The hard work and constant modification of his targets made him so successful. Each and every person who worked with him had such a profoundly positive effect on his demeanor and behavior.”

Happy Client

“I can honestly say that Discover Hope has helped my son incredibly and I don’t think that he would have made the advances that he has if it weren’t for you and your team. I truly believe Discover Hope has been a great gift to our family and has provided our son with an incredible foundation that will benefit him for his entire life.”

Happy Client

“Thanks again for everything and helping our family really discover hope.”


From Fremont

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“Life is hard! Our team at Discover Hope is extremely passionate about helping people like you to win at life, and we use our expertise in managing behavior problems to do it. We hire only the best and brightest clinicians so that we can provide the very best to you and your family.”

Melissa Schulz

Mother, Behavior Analyst, Founder, and Executive Director of Discover Hope