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How to Enjoy Stress-Free Holidays with Kids

[Disclosure] – This article may contain affiliate links to products that we 100% believe in and recommend…

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How-To Teach Hygiene & Other Personal-Care Tasks

When teaching our kids how to be self-sufficient in taking care of themselves, it can be hard…

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How to Make Hygiene Tasks Fun

Do you find yourself constantly reminding your child to use soap? Do you think it’s time they…

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On a Personal Note – The Challenges of Raising Kids in a World of Screens

Growing up, I remember feeling jealous of my best friend, whose mom was a secretary at our…

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How To Prepare For The Time Change

Autumn is upon us, which means clocks are about to fall back which means it gets dark…

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Fears: How to Help your Kids Cope During Halloween

Fears: How To Help Your Kids Cope During Halloween Halloween is just around the corner, and amidst…

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How to Entertain Your Kids in Public WITHOUT Screens

[Disclosure] – This article contains affiliate links to products we believe to be useful and a wonderful…

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Hitting, Kicking, & Biting… Oh My!

How To Confidently Help Your Child Reduce Aggressive Behaviors “What is my child doing?!”  “Where did they…

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9 Ways to Be Smart with Screen Time

One of the most common questions that parents ask us is, “How can I get my kid…

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Four Ways to Make Transitions Easier for You AND the Kids

Four Steps to Make Transitions Easier for You and the Kids! Your kids are having so much…

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