Discover Hope Defined

The slanted rain fiercely pelts the soaked field. The dark sky rumbles and groans with frustration. The biting cold pierces through the thickest of hides. The wind howls a battle cry as it attacks, strewing conquered debris and toppling even the strongest of trees in its path. Seasons of drought and fire and flood have left the once lush landscape brown and barren and exhausted.


A blurry flash of yellow waves through the rain torrents.

A lone sunflower dances in the storm.

The bloom absorbs each punch and assault and is nearly knocked to the ground each time. But the sunflower does not break.

She bends.

She bends and sways back. She does not lose one inch of ground. She never surrenders.

And she is beautiful.

She is Hope.

When the storms of life hit, we often feel like a tree who has been uprooted, yanked from the ground, and thrown aside. We may feel like a once flowering meadow that has been trampled into a muddy field.

We feel so tired and overwhelmed and don’t know what to do or where to turn.

We feel alone.

That is why Discover Hope exists.

Discover Hope was created…

  • To bring hope to situations that feel hopeless
  • To bring solutions and a plan where there was only confusion
  • To be a strong shoulder to lean on
  • To be the sunflower dancing in the storm

When Discover Hope started, our primary focus was on bringing hope to families of children with autism.

Helping parents who feel alone, helpless, inadequate, and overwhelmed.

Our team jumps in and gives that parent a plan, and gives the child the skills they needed to say their first words, make their first friend, to tell their parents “I love you” for the first time.

We gently teach the child to use words instead of hitting or screaming, while a mom watches, smiling, with proud tears in her eyes.

We see the storm lessen, as screams turn to giggles, and silence to endless questions, and as parents confidently wave good-bye to our team, beaming with pride.

Hope is addicting.

Discover Hope is obsessed with helping people to become the best version of themselves. This is true for every client, every child, every parent, grandparent, or teacher.

This is also true of every clinician that joins the team.

Discover Hope is relentless in its mission to show the world the sunflower dancing in the storm.