Creating Meaningful Holiday Traditions

Every year, we are given a wonderful gift––the holiday season! This is when work slows down a bit and allows us to enjoy more quality time with family. This presents us with the amazing opportunity to  make the most of family time with our kids, and start the annual celebratory traditions that they will cherish for generations to come.

Traditions have the ability to leave our legacy behind with the ones we love. If you don’t have traditions set in place or want to start your own, keep reading to find  three simple tips on how to make a huge impact on your family today, and for years to come.!

What lesson does it teach?

The holiday season is filled with so many wonderful things like gifts, festive music, specialty foods, and decorations galore! We want our kids to enjoy these things, but we should remind them that not every family gets to enjoy the same toys. We want to teach them that we receive so much more out of giving to others. You can do this by serving dinner at a local shelter, or something as simple as writing letters to loved ones telling them why you’re thankful for them These are all great ways to teach kids how to be giving and to understand what the holiday season is really about. Whatever this may be, treat this tradition as if it were as common as going to pick out the Christmas tree or listening to Christmas music and approach it with excitement, gratitude, and joy! You are your child’s greatest teacher and your positive response to implementing new traditions is imperative.

TOP TIP: Whether it’s food or it’s love, we all have something special that unites our families  –think about what makes your family come together and what kind of lesson you can pass on to your kids every year.

What sentimental value does it bring? 

The holidays are a wonderful time to teach your kids about the traditions you shared with your family growing up or to create a tradition that combines the old with the new. Maybe there was a game you played every year on Christmas or a movie you watched on a specific day with your family. There could be a dish you love to make and eventually teach your kids how to make when they’re old enough to help you in the kitchen. Even if there hasn’t been an official tradition established, this is your moment to foster and create it! Your kids will appreciate having something to pass along to their own family one day and keep the tradition going.

What feeling does it spark?

When deciding what traditions to create or pass along, be sure to choose traditions that spark joy! If the moment creates too much fighting, tension, or disagreements between family members, that may be a good sign to find a better option. Instead of pulling teeth to get everyone to watch Disney On Ice, try going ice skating as a family at an outdoor ice rink! If going to the pumpkin carving event at your local community center only results in crying babies and non-stop stressful moments, try purchasing pumpkins and the necessary tools and doing it at home instead! There are definitely times that we have to force our kids to go places and they fight it until they arrive and then end up having the best day of their life! Other times, it’s a losing battle and we just have to change it up. You’re the parent and you know your child best. Decide what will foster the most joy and go with that route. Your initial idea could be great but needs a small tweak to ensure happiness is had by the entire family!

We hope these questions have given you something to ponder while going into this holiday season. Creating meaningful family traditions is the cherry on top of an already perfected sundae that will help your family to deeply connect and bond over the special memories you create together! Happy Holidays from us to you! We truly hope it is filled with more joy and heartwarming moments than ever before!