Discover Hope puts people first!

We meet people where they are and help them grow.

Passionate about helping people

Discover Hope puts people first!

In 2012, Melissa Schulz was frustrated. She really wanted to help kids with autism, but every place she worked seemed to make that difficult! Supervisors were unresponsive and unsupportive, there was a lot of politics, drama, and gossip within the company, and employees were treated like nameless cogs to make a profit. Melissa started Discover Hope to create a company where people were truly put first: where they loved going to work every day, they felt supported, and were making the world a better place! Discover Hope is a purpose-driven company, which means that our success is measured in changed lives, not by profit pocketed. We are here to empower people to become their best selves. We meet people where they are and help them grow from there.

Our Certifications

All of our Clinical Directors are board certified behavioral analysts having gone through a rigorous education, coursework and training. Our technicians are all BCAT (Board Certified Autism Technician) within 90 day of being hired. All of our Program Supervisors are in a master program.

Work For Hope

We are always looking for people who love working with kids, don't take themselves too seriously and have a passion for helping others.

Caring, supportive, fun

Our Team

Our team at Discover Hope is extremely passionate about helping people like you to win at life, and we use our expertise in managing behavior problems to do it. We hire only the best and brightest clinicians so that we can provide the very best to you and your family.

Melissa Schulz – Mother, Behavior Analyst, Founder, & Executive Director of Discover Hope