The Truth About Listening

Learn and develop new communication habits with our proven 5-Step System.

“How can I get my kids to listen to me?”

Do you ever feel like you’re not being heard when speaking to your child? Do you feel like you’re saying the same things over and over and your child STILL isn’t listening?

Stop the nagging, yelling and frustration with our proven 5-Step System.

Step 1
Step 1: Celebrate the Good
Step 2
Step 2: Look in the Mirror
Step 3
Step 3: Prioritize the Problems
Step 4
Step 4: Teach New Tools
Step 5
Step 5: Create a Plan
  • 1

    Celebrate the Good
  • 2

    Look in the Mirror
  • 3

    Prioritize the Problems
  • 4

    Teach New Tools
  • 5

    Create a Plan

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  • Hypothetical example list, will need real bullet content
  • Short videos you can watch anytime
  • No need to watch the screen – you can listen to while you do other things
  • Tablet and mobile friendly
  • Automatically tracks your progress
  • Printable worksheets for offline use
"In one ear and out the other describes my daughter 100%. Learning that the solution wasn't yelling louder has really changed the way we talk to each other."
Arin, California –
Mom of 1

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Today’s the day you figure out how to talk with your children in a way that they’ll listen — without the tears, without the pain — while drawing your family closer together. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! Or any of your sanity.

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